AOS TV APK v21.0.0

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App NameAOS TV
Size16.0 MB
Last updated1 Week Ago
Requirement5.0 or Higher

AOSTV APK is an Android application package kit that has been designed for lovers of Movies, Music, Drama, Documentaries, Comedy shows, Business Talks, Live News, Live Sports, and much more. AOS TV contains all the Asian TV channels for Asian people. It provides a single platform where all the new movies, music, live sports, live news, drama serials, etc. are available to stream online.

AOSTV is the revolution of the twenty-one century that has enabled access to all entertainment on smart devices. All the pre-recorded content is also available from various sources in the app’s library that users easily access and watch on their devices. AOS TV app make the user access to all the video content from any TV channel, YouTube, or any other source.

The app contains different language channels that increase the interest of various native people in this app. The other main feature of this app is that the video quality is best compared to other apps that are available for the same purpose. User can watch HD quality video content on their mobile phones.

AOS TV is available for Android, iOS, Windows, TV Boxes, etc. Its full clean APK file has been given here for free download. The AOSTV provides all the TV channels that users understand. You can download the latest version of AOS TV APK from the given downloading button.

Why People Preferred the AOSTV APK?

The AOSTV App APK is a platform where all Asian TV channels are available to watch online. A percentage from Asia don’t understand foreign languages and they can understand only their national or local language. Some of them are unable to effort for smart TV and other requires them. Another reason is that watching any program on TV requires the user time to reach home to watch. But AOS TV contains the Asian TV premium channels for free and doesn’t have any terms and conditions. They only require the AOS TV app on their smartphone to watch live programs anywhere anytime.

This app is not available on the Google play store to install directly on Android devices. Users can download the AOSTV APK from here to install it on their smart device. AOS TV’s best alternatives are ThopTV, Oreo TV, UK TV Now, etc.

Smart Feature’s of AOS TV

1. All the premium video content available for free.

2. Easy to access for Live Sports, Movies, News, and other programs that user required.

3. Unlimited English Movies, Hindi Movies, Urdu Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Malayalam Movies, and much more.

4. The clean and secure app to use.

5. It covers the user favorite channels for their best video content like Love, Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Thrillers, Kids, Devotional, Fiction, and Family from various TV productions.

6. The app is complying with all the age group’s interest by providing the interesting content for them.

7. Live Cricket, Football, and all other sports are available.

8. Notification about new programs, movies, games, and other video content in advance.

9. Premium Channels 1K plus.

10. Live IPL, and TV shows for free.

11. Multiple language support and channels.

The Main Focus of AOSTV App

The AOS TV app main focused on multiple topics such as live news, live sports, and movies.

Live News: All the national and international news channels are available to watch for free. The TV channels is live so users can watch their favorite news channel to stay up-to-date.

Movies Junction: The app has included a huge collection of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other countries. All the global movie channels are available to watch anytime anywhere.

High Definition Video Quality

HD video content is the demand of the modern age. It is the best quality to watch and stream any video content on any device. AOSTV provides all the TV channels in high definition quality.

All the sports, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and religious programs are available in HD on the AOS TV app.

Live Sports

AOSTV app has a good collection of live TV channels that provide broadcast live sports programs. Users can watch live Football, Cricket, Wrestling, Hokey, etc. All the other sports live streaming is also available on AOS the TV app.

Live Indian Premier League (IPL)

It is great news for all the ket lovers that AOSTV has included the live streaming of IPL matches in it. The officials have updated the new live programs to stream live IPL on various devices with the help of AOS the TV app. There are one thousand plus (1000+) live TV channels exit in app’s library now. You can watch all the content in HD of various live sports.

Movie Collection

The app has a huge collection of movies from popular film industries. Movies of Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malaysian, and in other languages are available.

How to Install AOS TV on Android?

1. Download the full APK file from here

2. Wait for complete the downloading

3. Now go to your devices setting

4. Enable the “unknown source”

5. Run the downloaded file to on your device

6. Follow the guideline shows on your devices screen by app

7. Finished to complete the installation, and

8. Keep enjoying

Some Additional Functionalities of AOSTV

1. Share a video with your friend

Multi-languageage content

3. Add your favorite programs in playlists on your dashboard

4. Get support by writing the query to the core team

5. Get real-time live news

6. Use the filter to find the specific video programs, contenand, and shows, from a specific country

7. Use the trending option to get the latest content.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

What is AOSTV?

AOSTV is an Android application that helps to watch and stream TV channels on a supported device

Can we install it from the google play store?

No, the app is not available on the Google play store.

Any permission required by app to install?

Yes, users must enable the “unknown source” on their Android device

Can I watch Cricket on AOSTV?

Yes, you can watch IPL, PSL, BPL, world-cup, and all the sports.

Is the AOSTV safe and secure?

Yes, the app is clean and secure from threads

What user need to use AOSTV?

The only active internet connection required by users to use AOSTV app. Its free for everyone.

AOSTV shows errors during the launch, Why?

You have installed the old version, just download the latest and replace the app from your device. You will not get errors from this app.


The AOSTV APK latest version is available for free download. The app is compatible with the Android operating system, iOS, Windows, TV Boxes, etc. You can now watch and stream the best live streaming TV channels on your Android smart device.

There is a big collection of movies from various film industries globally in the app library. Other programs are live news and sports, drama serials, TV shows, business talks, documentaries, religious programs/ channels, and much more. Download the latest version app from the given downloading source.

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